Saturday, November 07, 2009

for the moral support, that arrived in my inbox, comments on the blog and in person visits. you guys are helping me through this quest and I am so grateful. i am lucky to have your love and encouragement. i know that all the coaches will make the difference. thanks for believing. appreciated.


gentian/enzian said...

hi, it seems that we have been the same time online. you posted 11.11 and me 11.12 in your coins and snow.
;D have a enjoyable weekend

gentian/enzian said...

myhusband just watched a match with roger federer at swiss indoors. he had to fight in the first set against his youth-friend marco. they where kids when they started to play tennis in basel.
so eaven a number 1 player has to fight sometimes - 7:6 and it was so closed.
roger is fighting for money, famereputation
we are fighting against our ego-power ;-) and for our Health (inner Health included :-))

the word for verification is
tronsf (near transformation smile)

gentian/enzian said...

oh by the way - if you feel sad or upset - play with water, it realy helps. ask the water to take away your sadness or what ever you want.
and be greatful to the water

this idee came up becaus of the verifcation word hydro


love u