Thursday, December 28, 2006

return to senda

the week before Christmas we received a small envelope addressed to mimi maxwell. with all the pre holiday mail, we opened it up thinking it was a Christmas card for us - not seeing the mimi until afterwards. anyhow it was an invitation for drinks from an old friend, maybe even flame - norma jean. hmmm...upon further investigation it wasn't like they had the wrong address, everything was correct except the name. could this have been mail sent from the past, arriving late? what era is it from? is mimi maxwell a code name for a spy, artist or vagabond? it definitely sparks the imagination. i leave you with one question:

who is mimi maxwell?

all theories, evidence, and wild guesses accepted. gladly.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

sugar plum fairies

may sugar plum fairies dance in your head and may your home be filled with laughter and joy. here's hoping 2007 is a lucky 7 kind of year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

absurdity witnessed: voice from within

went to the bank machine last night, couldn't figure out why there was someone at the outside one when the inside one was free. went in, pulled out my wallet, when a hand stretched down over the darkened screen from within. a voice said, Hey! i screamed and ran outside. i waited and used the outside machine but realized i needed a deposit envelope from inside. i finished up, went back inside and again - the hand and the voice. screamed again! and then i said, "just getting an evelope!" obviously it was a repair guy -- or maybe a robber! -- i didn't really stick around to find out, i will call the bank today just to be sure. the voice and the hand at that confidential moment really spooked me, i have to say. in hind sight, i should have asked more questions - after all he was pretty far away inside the machine and i am sure everything is on tape. maybe shouldn't have used the other machine. i wonder why they wouldn't lock the door when the machine was being serviced. an odd experience to be sure.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

rooms with a view

here's proof our new windows are now blinking back at the street. check out them beauties. only the second floor so far.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

[CM] Glico - Pocky Sesame feat. Satoshi Tsumabuki

had a pocky picnic today on the sunny front steps of our house. flavours du jour? milk+ honey and chocolate mouse.

Friday, December 08, 2006

brush with schmarminess: MUCH legend

so last night was a blast. went to a fabulous agency party hosted by Capital C, agency of the year no less. the theme was Sofia's Marie Antoinette meets chalkboard drawings as you can see from the invite. there were tiaras at the door and a tray of big flashy fake bling rings as you checked your coat at the door. welcome to fabulousness. anyhow the whole place was dripping with chandeliers, velvet curtains and amazing set design in the chalkboard sophisticated style. there were boas and silk dresses and waiters in costume. the food, one silver tray of deluxeness after another. i wish i could remember specifics, sorry foodies. i noticed this woman in a gwen stefani-esque outfit who wore her tiara well when i first arrived but we didn't chat much. anyhow, my gang convinced me to crash another party with them across town and i ended up beside the tiara girl once more. we both couldn't part with our tiaras so we bonded over the coincidence. i told her i had been eyeing her LAMB-esque get up at the other party with a fashion nod. she fold me it was one of those cheap fashion finds, not an original but she loved it too. turns out she runs a site called The Yummy Mummy Club. she handed me her card. i didn't look closely enough at the time. without missing a beat, we continued chatting about the web and yummy mummies in general. turns out, it was Eric Ehm herself.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

another brush with schmarminess: bare naked

dN zipped into our local indie video store and who did he see with his wife and a gaggle of kids...Jim Creeggan, bass player of the barenaked ladies.

Monday, December 04, 2006

patience + prudence

fell in love with this charming little song from the 1950s called Tonight You Belong To Me by two sisters named Patience and Prudence. You can sample it here.

here are the lyrics.

I know (I know)
you belong
to somebody new
but tonight
you belong
to me.

Although (although)
we're apart
you're part
of my heart
and tonight
you belong
to me.

Way down
by the stream
how sweet
it will seem
once more
just to dream
in the moonlight...

my honey, I know (I know)
with the dawn
that you
will be gone
but tonight
you belong
to me.

Way down (way down)
along the stream
How very very sweet it will seem
Once more just to dream
In the silvery moonlight...

my honey, I know (I know)
with the dawn
that you
will be gone
but tonight you belong to me.
just to little old me.