Friday, July 30, 2010

dream: vintage jewellery

I am not typically a girly girl who shops with pals. I think that is what makes this dream stand out. I was with a dear friend in a fabulous vintage jewellery shop. She was wearing a necklace made of real over-sized roses. I seemed to be designing on the fly, decided it was all about finding a pattern that fit my scale...not over-sized but not too intricate or boring. My mind seemed to love designing different necklaces made of pearls, silver, and special stones. I was walking too and thought to myself -- it is amazing that I am not tired or falling, who-hoo! a good omen.

Monday, July 05, 2010

dream: independence day special

i was applying to school in nyc, independent studies. i was making it up along the way, of course. course work included leadership, women's studies, a study of great authors with a special case study in puzzle design. curved pieces that could become art even when the puzzle wasn't solved yet.

good find: quote

Even impossible spells I M POSSIBLE
By Pierre ELIAS