Sunday, June 29, 2008

guilty pleasures

on this canada day long weekend, i must admit to some guilty pleasure. i have watched a few back to back episodes of crap tv: sunset tan and the hills. pure vapidness. i've also read every morsel of the latest US Weekly. neither of which is very Canadian. i topped off the indulgence-athon by eating chocolate cake with molten insides and a dab of gelato. am i sinking to a new low? maybe this is just the art of doing nothing. i can think of many elegant ways to do nothing, say in an italian villa or gazing at a still lake but let's face it, sometimes you've got to nurse your inner sloth and there is beauty in the sheer ugliness of it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

good find: glass door

a friend in the bay area passed along this one. kind of like spy games. work fun. check it out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

spam vs me

lately it seems spam has been winning the war. i have a yahoo account, have had it for years. refused to switch to the new and improved version for a variety of reasons. of late, it seems the spam folder is flooded. outnumbers my real mail by far. for example, today - two new mails for me (lists i subscribed to) spam = 20. it is my personal account and somehow this makes it seem even more trashy that it is now losing the spam war. is it just me or is everyone seeing more spam these days?

Saturday, June 21, 2008


it is like my mind wanted to visit old chapters. fitting because i am re reading eat. at the moment. so in that spirit, here's a few preloved blogs from days past. packet o spunk. | two slices in the same loaf | secret sauce this trio seems to sum up my state of mind at the moment.

Friday, June 13, 2008

freaky friday

lucky friday the 13th roars into existence. the strangest thing happened today. i picked up the phone to call my sister and at that very moment the phone died. the power went out. moments later car alarms went off outside and all the power blinked back on. then, dN just called me to tell me the water guy came to check the meter in our house, in the basement and nearly died because his foot broke thru one of the stairs en route. chills, chills! this was the same basement where we found a frozen black cat, so don't doubt the jinx factor. hope everyone survives the remainder of the day!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

dream a little dream

dreamed we were back in San Francisco last night. remembered our tiny little apartment, flying surf board above the futon like a shark, ivy and dotted white lights on the postage stamp patio, the whole deal. we had the tiniest sink ever and i used to cook up a mean pasta dish. around the corner from us sat the city's smallest park, jack early. a stairway leading to a look out point with only one bench but a panoramic view of the bay and both bridges. we had many a picnic up there. somehow my memory of that apartment merged with memories of my grandma's beloved flat. she loved her place and had a talent for making a small space completely charming and comfortable.