Friday, February 29, 2008

leaping for lizards

today is an official leap day, i love the idea of someone having their birthday today and only having their birthday every four years. would be nice in some ways if you could skip the aging part along with it, though you might want to wait for that until your twenties. apart from that, is there anything else special about today? would we feel different if it was already march 1st? just a technicality i suppose but feels like a bonus round, similiar to that extra hour on fall back or the lost hour on spring forward. oh the silliness! it is like the bermuda triangle, a wrinkle in time and space. makes me feel like leaping... you? is there a cake for leap days, did you bother to bat an eyelash at the oddity of the day? i wonder if any culture does anything special today? fill me in if you have any rituals on leap days. the lizards part is a tribute to arizona, land of the gecko -- where i'll be heading next week.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

found: kickass karaoke request

found this entertaining discarded request form for kickass karaoke in my hood.

The first rule of Kickass Karaoke is
You don't talk about Kickass Karaoke.

The second rule of Kickass Karaoke is
You don't talk about Kickass Karaoke.

The third rule of Kickass Karaoke is
Only one request in the queue at a time.

The fourth rule of Kickass Karaoke is
If you leave the room before your request is called,
You cancel the request.

The fifth rule of Kickass Karaoke is
No shirts, No shoes.

The sixth rule of Kickass Karaoke is
If this is your first time at Kickass Karaoke,
you have to sing.

On the backside of the request...

Your Name: Pamela
Song Artist: Blur Song #2

No, it's not my first time here, was checked.

this in a world where Fight Club meets the Gladstone Hotel, obviously. as you can see, I have broken rules 1 & 2 so sadly, i am not a card carrying member of Kickass Karaoke, not to be confused with KKK. i love this neighbourhood! long live Queen street, may you rise above the ashes and return better than before.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

the funny arrived

this week, out of no where, the funny arrived. when asked if i wanted a spelt cracker. i replied, no way, i didn't sign up for that! like there was a sign up sheet for spelt lovers on the fridge. for valentine's day, you're the x, to my o. when asked what my inlaws should wear to the costume party their former foes invited them to, i said, they should go as a fence! it was a week of quips, that's for sure. tomorrow, we're off to the inlaws for the day, stay tuned...maybe the funny will continue.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

good luck: feist

responsible for inspiring these collected moments, just thought i'd give a shout out of good luck to feist who is up for countless awards of late, notably the grammy's tonight.

good flick: king of california

just rented this flick and was surprized to find it charming and original. normally i am not the biggest michael douglas fan but he dives into this character with wild abandon. all the oscar noms were long since picked over and we stumbled upon it. it is a story about throwing caution and good sense to the wind in search of buried treasure. who doesn't want to believe they will win the lottery this time? there is something to be said for living on the side of hope and faith.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


i can see why bears sleep thru the winter, in caves. don't get me wrong, there are moments that i love the winter wonderland, the dusting of sugar on the trees and rooftops. but lately, i would rather avoid the slush, snow banks, and black ice in favour of long stretches indoors. had a long uninterrupted sleep the other night and noticed the improvement. does this make me less Canadian? or maybe more? maybe we all kind of grin and bear our way thru the season, on snow days and on dry days, as best we can, without judgement.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

good find: curly girl design

a friend sent me this site: curly girl design today and i have to say i love the design, it is fresh, creative and whimsical, an indulgence. take a peek, just for fun. i could see myself buying stuff from her. tshirts and cards, good combination.

fortune telling: contagious

hmmm...who knew this stuff was contagious? dN predicted our naturopath was pregnant this week. he has suspected for weeks and kept asking when she was going to let us in on her big news. she just reached her 3 month safe zone and let the cat out of the bag. i have to say i didn't dream it and didn't suspect a thing. maybe i'm losing my touch, relying on the cards too heavily.

Friday, February 01, 2008

snow day!

most of ontario has been hit by a wicked winter storm today. loads of snow to freezing rain, rain, more snow...schools closed, flights cancelled, accidents on the highway...the forecast is like a jilted lover, all over the map - wicked in every direction! i can imagine all the school kids loving the snow day and excuse to stay indoors watchig movies all day. thankfully i haven't had to venture into it, just keep listening to the play by play on CBC radio. happy to be warm, safe and sound indoors. take good care, be safe everyone.