Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or treat

on halloween, let's take this opportunity to remember the crazy costumes of our youth. i had a phase where i was edible items...a jar of jelly beans, a pack of gum, a carton of fries. nothing healthy, go figure. my last official year of trick or treating i was a bird -- wore this hoodie coverd in felt feathers with a plastic beak. ironic given my recent run in with a fine feathered friend. in the early years, all i can remember are the converted pjs into clown costumes. sorry no pics but feel free to share your loot. ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

caution: bird above

ok, folks file this one under strange events that happened while working. most folks know that i spend a portion of my working life doing usability studies, usually in the homes of willing families. so yesterday, i show up to test a few games with an 11 year old girl. she invites me in. we enter into the lair that is the family computer den. she invites me to have a seat. above me is a bird cage, seems harmless enough. we start the session and when the zingy zapper games music starts playing, i hear the loudest SHREEEEEEEEEEEEKKK! that startles me out of my chair. I look up, yes, the bird. so i ask if we can move him, perhaps. she says it's too high for her to reach and her father and mother have departed. so the subtext, is deal sister...the bird stays. a few more minutes pass when i look up and notice that there is a shower of feathers and white floating stuff softly falling on my head. supposedly bird feed, but let me tell you - i am guessing feathers and bird crap too. EW! revolted I jump up and madly start brushing the stuff off. it's even in my HAIR. newly washed so extra absorbant. we move my chair to the other side of the computer where i narrowly escape having air hockey handles jab into my back. better than bird doo. later as i walk back into the safety of my abode, my husband calls out to me...You've got that bird stuff all over your butt! of course, schmarmy 11 year old girl never mentioned this on my way out. ah, such a glamour job, I tell you. such GLAMOUR.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


we had two power outages yesterday. one around 4 for a few minutes, then another around 5:30pm until about 8pm. the neighbours gathered outside their darkened homes collectively scratching their heads and wondering. we went for tapas in kensington and then came home, lit candles and waited the darkness out. it's funny we kept calling home to see if the answering machine would pick up, a sign the power was back on. kind of like, hello darkness? are you still there? there is something sort of fort-like about these emergency measures, like a secret space in time. i kept a mini flashlight beside the bed just in case. we laughed when the power came back on, the beep of the fire detector, the answering machine...all waking up from their slumber.

Friday, October 19, 2007

good friday

just counting my blessings today...dN brought me the sweetest bundle of mini calla lilies this morning and my mum called to invite me on a belated birthday mum & daughter day in yorkville on + lunch + movie. savour the deluxeness!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

early bird

went for an early morning breakfast get together yesterday at the gladstone hotel with an old friend. we had the place to ourselves, a glorious corner seat, soaring high ceilings and smooth lattes. the food was ok, but the company was stellar. it is a good sign when you leave someone's company and feel inspired and energized...i am really noticing the drainers vs. the uplifters lately, trying to edit the time spent with drainers wherever possible. energy and time is too precious to spare.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

more absurdity witnessed: scattered white substance

crazy chinese lady next door is back to her old tricks. this time, there is this rank unknown white crystalized substance scattered mid lawn to mid sidewalk. a long haired black chat was seen investigating and nibbling at the stuff. it seems like a cross between detergent and moth balls, some kind of radioactive salt. possibly poisonous? is she warding off bad omens or just sick of Tide? you be the judge.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


my fellow Ontarians know there was an election and a referendum last night here. before the vote, none of the debate discussed the issue of MMP. why? because it wasn't in the interest of the loudest parties at the table. ironically the only time i heard a suscinct description of MMP by a newscaster was after the vote. today, our new premier declared "overwhelming" support for the status quo. "Ontarians want to move on to other issues." did he even mention MMP once during the election? no. so the overwhelming majority of underwhelming voter turnout made a murky decision.

Friday, October 05, 2007

give thanks

what am i thankful for? sunny picnics on warm october afternoons with my soul mate. good friends and the way they thread themselves into life so seamlessly. good health and good belly laughs, they go hand in hand. the love and support of family, they may have their moments but more often than not they rise to the occassion. the zen of autumn leaves in all their shades. country pies from country stores. enough work to keep the bills paid. our evolving house -- the original, proof that hard work pays off. a world full of characters who always seem to have a story or lesson to share. wisdom that comes with age and keeps on giving.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

best picture 2007

my favourite movie pick so far this year, is into the wild. a very genuine, rugged, soulful movie...the antithesis of hollywood. reminds you to go out and seize the moment, live life to the extreme and savour the happiness you share with the important people in your life. but of course, all this sounds trite. the picture is not. plus alexander super tramp is bona fide eye candy paired with supreme acting chops.