Tuesday, May 29, 2007


as you know, this is one of my favourite words. wishing deluxe-ness on the world today.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

happy birthday

it is my favourite person in the world's birthday today! can't imagine my life without him. the image of a grin sweeping over his face starting at the eyebrows fits this post, you'll just have to imagine it. just thought i'd shout it out. xo~

Saturday, May 26, 2007

shut up & sing

in case you haven't heard, this is the title of a film about the way the Dixie Chicks dealt with the right wing back lash when Natalie Maines spoke her mind and said she was ashamed the President was from Texas on the eve of the war in Iraq. i thought the chicks were brave and handled the matter boldly. it must have been very tough to face that heat. personally, the story speaks to me. i feel like much of my life i've been expected to shut up and apologize for speaking my mind or having a different view point. this is the way it is in my family, it seems. i usually try to deflect and defuse conflict by making everyone laugh or telling sentimental stories. i can see the value in "making nice" because sometimes kicking up a fuss just leads to more grief and angst. in the end, would you rather be right or happy, peaceful even? i guess in the Dixie Chicks case, they took a break and then came back to say it again. this time, the message wasn't as shocking and the context had changed. it is interesting because two very American qualities were at odds, supporting their leader and freedom of speech. both highly valued. anyhow, thanks Dixie Chicks for living out loud so bravely. it helps us all.

Friday, May 25, 2007


back in action, just distracted trying to fit five days into four this week. the liver cleanse was an experiece, good in the long run I am sure. no photos of stones to report, sorry Zest. almost wished there was some cosmic stone in magenta to report. can not wait for the weekend, sleeping in and doing nothing. have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

ancient grains

on day 3, there was amaranth. day 2 millet, day one quinoa. this cleanse is teaching me how to eat, but i have a way to go before i am an expert. need to learn the tricks with these grains to give them their due. today i cooked amaranth for 45 minutes, the instructions called for 20-30 but it didn't taste right so I left it longer. the steamed veggies and alkaline broth definately feel like clean energy, good for the body. the grains have an abundance of goodness too and keep you full for hours. it is a lot of work, but we're almost past the mid point. who hoo!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

rooibus tea + rain

laughter meditation class was deluxe last night. we started the class with a cup of rooibus tea, tasted sort of cherry and fragrant. there were only two of us there but the gibberish exercise and the laughter meditation were my favs. with only three of us there you would think it would have been quiet but somewhere deep from within, huge belly laughs chased one another up into the sky. even the thunder roared along with us. flashes of lightning added sparkle too, egging us on, daring us to keep going. i laughed so hard, it hurt. literally. who knew a rain storm could be such fun?!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


you know that feeling, that relief...when a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders and you can breathe, and laugh and perspective is finally within reach. life isn't perfect, nor is it always kind but it feels good to let off some steam once in awhile. i feel grateful (or greatful) for all the gifts that have come my way, especially lately -- both the obvious ones and those in disguise. it's like some of the dots are connecting and my emotions are detoxing along with the rest of me. i am out of practice in this dept. what can i say? i am truly a work.in.progress. collecting the moments, both sunny and cloudy and movin' on up. it feels brave at times, fiasco-like at others. i will be stronger from all the changes, and it feels good.

i am starting a one week liver cleanse tomorrow for health reasons. it's alot of vegetables, grains and apple juice. it won't be easy but i think it's long overdue. we'll see what happens, the end result is a bunch of stones full of salt and toxins -- toxins I've been carrying around inside my hard working liver my whole life. that's a metaphor I am sure. once you start seeing metaphors in life, they just keep coming and sometimes they are laugh out loud funny. like having constipation at your inlaws, sorry to be crass. that wasn't the case this weekend, but still -- it's an example. hope that made you chuckle. thanks for listening. bonus points to anyone brave enough to post a comment. i could use the support. that feeling that someone understands.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

take that universe

the anthem of fighters, sing it sister.

my moon my man

love, love, love feist and this song. don't you? sublime.

silver lady speaks

there are times when it feels like the universe is saying Talk to the hand, girl. this week is definately like that. woke up to jack hammers that sounded like they were in the office early monday morning, it was like the theme song for the week. it's just been the small stuff, but it is almost funny how one after the other hassles have lined themselves up. hopefully the sky is clearing now. i feel like this silver lady pic speaks to the universe, saying RESPECT and then socking it to me. yeesh.