Thursday, September 28, 2006

more taxi cab drama

took a cab today and we got a flat tire, on the gardiner just before the jameison exit. you can imagine with my swollen ankle that i wasn't about to walk from there. so the cabbie offered to drive us to king. it was the lumpiest ride ever but i am just glad we didn't end up in an accident. the moment we got out of the cab, another car sped thru the intersection almost hitting a school kid playing chicken with it. crazy day, i tell you.


john waters has been around town shooting hairspray with john travolta and queen latifah. recently spotted the proof on dupont near bathurst, on dundas near palmerston, on queen, in roncesvales. this shot is from roncesvales near the mack's gym. basically they were hard to miss. the retro cars, massive 50s make-overs of non-descript patches of street, tons of detail. hollywood north.

brush with schmarminess: kos

a craving for a drake burger appeared today and wouldn't die, so we ventured to the drake and indulged. half way thru, kos walks in and sits with a bunch of the hipper than hip staffers at the table behind us. i didn't even notice. dN filled me in afterwards. i had burger on the brain, completely. anyhow, now that i think back, i remember thinking hey -- that guy is cool, without really recognizing him. anyhow, there you have it. another brush with schmarminess. a bit ho hum, i'm afraid. i will say that i thought he was British because he was dressed much cooler than everyone else.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

o happy day

flashback: three years ago today, we walked down the makeshift aisle of french cafe chairs at Balzac's and exchanged I dos at sunset. there was a small crowd of family and a few friends. we took over the gallery space in the loft with our own photographs and at the end of the night there were polaroids of everyone splashed across the silver coffee bar. my crazy grandma wore a j.lo-esque number and danced everyone to shame. we have known each other almost 10 years. he is still my mcdreamy of mcdreamies. makes me laugh, carries me when i've fallen, the list goes on for miles.

Monday, September 25, 2006

she slips...

she falls. down the stairs. twists her ankle. now the proud owner of a silver pair of crutches and bizarre goose egged ankle with matching bruises. on the mend though. don't even think of calling me hop-a-long.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hot wheels

if kit had a makeover, this would be it. this is a car worthy of tricked out super heros. spotted here in a moment of uncharacteristic calm.

flashback: northern exposure

two weeks ago we ventured north in search of ...wait for it, filing cabinets. inherited from my dad's office. they are moving to a smaller space and he wanted us to have something from his business. passing the torch if you will. so we jumped in the car, hooked up the trailer and ventured north to my hometown.

once we got there, it was nostalgia city. it has been quite awhile since i had been back and so every bump in the road and silly anecdote from childhood came rushing back. we went to Deluxe, a family run burger joint known for their fries and this crazy orange bbq sauce. they have been across the street from McDonald's for as long as i can remember and they have this hilarious sign with one golden arch. kinda like -- take that, you double arched corporate giants!

some of my parents' friends and coworkers were around to chit chat and soak in the collective nostalgia. while we were there we also found my box from childhood -- the one with random notes to friends, old report cards, gymnastic medals and the like.

after a lunch of wild turkey surprize and blueberry pancakes at Eddie's (surprize! no turkey) -- we made our way back to the big village. the French River Trading Post was our only stop. got some fudge for my friend Sally whose middle name should be Fudge, she loves it so much. anyhow, that's when i snapped this shot and it brings back the flood of memories that were lurking about in a dusty attic at my dad's office. kinda funny how junk food was part of the nostalgia -- but you know, you need alittle grease to fuel such a long journey. hungry bears, i guess.

Monday, September 18, 2006

absurdity witnessed: salt

crazy chinese lady next door is up to new tricks. first a pile of salt appeared on the sidewalk out front her house, en route to our office/crash pad. today, another pyramid appeared on the road about 2 paces away from the first one. at first i though maybe someone was cleaning up from a party -- someone had tossed their cookies and this was the clean up solution. now that there are two, i am beginning to wonder if it is tied into the brooms and the water and the music. the piles seem to be somewhat aligned with her front walk, is this a feng shui magic?

theories anyone?

face lift

before: red paint

almost after: no red paint

yes, we gave ourselves a face lift at the house. when i say almost after, i mean that we are still planning to redo the trim and we'll be installing new windows and a double door so it's more like an in-between stage...but still -- huge change! i love the details in the brick above the windows and along the edge of the house. it's coming along!

Friday, September 08, 2006

dream life: just add pork

no pork before bed for me, my friends. brings on the strangest dreams. last night i dreamed that i went on a road trip on a tour bus with scarbie and a gaggle of girls from highschool. i had sofia (coppola) on the brain and she was there -- asked if she could go with one of our parents on their super bus because it had crazy bubble pods in their bus that you could lounge in and she was prone to car sickness. everyone looked at her like she was a diva. i actually rode a rinosaurus bareback facing his tail and was kicking myself for not taking pictures of the bears and elephants i saw stomping thru the river.

care to analyze anyone?

Thursday, September 07, 2006


read a creepy article recently that g-mail uses ad technology that scans the text in your emails and serves ads up that relate to your message. so much for privacy. i think yahoo must use something similar because i've seen ads related to the content of my mail there as well. this is the equivalent of bell wiretapping your phone and sending you brochures related to that camping trip they overheard you planning or even worse, anger management courses for the fight they overheard. is that the price we have to pay for free on the internet? we should boycott!

Friday, September 01, 2006

remember, remember

the 1st of september. i can't believe august is officially over. happy long weekend all!