Thursday, December 18, 2008

the shoe detective

we have a history of strange shoe escapades. remember the mile in your shoes and a mile in your boots? the caper continued on saturday. i went to acupuncture and left my snowy boots by the door beneath a bench. i usually take them into the room with me but decided to leave them this time because of the snow. afterwards, i decided to put my boots on sitting in one of the chairs instead of the bench and asked dN to pass me my boots. anyhow, didn't give it another thought. slipped on the black blundstones and off we went. then we get a call that we actually wore someone else's boots home and she wanted to meet up to do the swap. only a half size difference. what are the chances? the woman was nice, said she wouldn't have noticed either but she was wearing heavy socks and the boots were much tighter on the way out then the way in. this must have stirred the shoe fairies into trickery. next my brother in law misplaced his boots. then my fil realized that he was missing a pair too. the shoe detective found both pairs after a lengthy search in the garage, stored away. it is symbolic perhaps. we all need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and not take the shoes on our feet for granted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

figs are the new prunes

i was having um...digestive issues and had tried all sorts of the usual natural remedies. my mil suggested figs today. they are magic i tell you! and actually so tasty that i wonder why i didn't fall for figs years ago. apologies if this is too much info but the headline popped into my head this afternoon and made me laugh right away. in the same family as

ho ho hold the drama

to be honest, i always feel a sense of dread as christmas approaches. i long for time happily alone with my sweetheart - reading books, sleeping in, watching movies with no expectations and some good food thrown in. this year, there won't be much alone time and more family time. hopefully less family drama or none at all (pretty please.) i think i need to change my holiday outlook. i need to let family comments, agendas and expectation go. a new year's resolution before the new year even arrives. does anyone have a recipe for this? on the resolution note i woke up the start of this week with fresh eyes on bad habits that i have developed recently and want to change. i have already made a few small changes and feel so much better. it feels empowering. this time next week and the holiday is upon us. i will do my best to stay calm. grateful for the goodness around. to just enjoy the people and small doses of the decadent food. sounds easy enough but living it is another story. my christmas wish is for peace, perspective and good health. ho ho hold the drama, thanks to the leon's commercial for the inspiration. (ho ho hold the payments!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


this song is my soundtrack when life is going along smoothly and everythng falls into place. those days are deluxe. i wish today was one of those days but it wasn't. sort of like a ground hog day, caught in a loop. nothing bad happened it just took longer then i hoped to get things done. maybe today is just supposed to crawl instead of run. on a side note, i noticed that i have a craving lately to wear colour. most of my wardrobe is black or neutral but lately i reach for the colours. the colours cheer me up. is it a city thing or maybe a shift in mood? i am selective about the coloiurs i like and pair it with black often but still. is anyone else having this craving?