Sunday, February 25, 2007


shout out to elixir organic spa on king near bathurst. they offer food grade facials, synthetic free fabulousness! it is a small shop, but the vibe is good and the owner is really nice and very open to offering advice on other good health and wellness services around town. my skin seemed to say -- ahhhh. thank you, as it soaked in the aroma-filled goodness. so nice to know that eveything they used, i could eat. i went the day before valentine's day, it was a gift from my mum from christmas. very lovely.

Check out this gem:

Saturday, February 24, 2007

oscar fatigue

anyone else sick of the oscar's before they even begin? i am having flashbacks to last year, that hung over feeling at the end -- thinking that was just one marathon promotional commercial disguised as an awards show. easier to catch the red carpet highlights in the trash mags and the acceptance speech goofs on youtube. maybe it is just that none of the best pictures really have my vote, though many of the others i've seen in the race leading up to hype night were good. ah, long live the art house pic!

Monday, February 19, 2007

the year of the pig

happy chinese new year! let me look into your future, i see many a sweet and sour pork dish there. the year of the golden pig. supposedly, this golden swine is good luck. likeable even. however, because it is the year of the fire boar apparently we're in for some major climate or political struggle this year. they should have waited to release charlotte's web until this year. maybe charlotte would have wove a warning into her web. some fire pig! last night we had fun looking up our signs on wikipedia and learning about our inner and secret animals. they are determined by the month and hour of your birth. so apparently i'm an inner monkey and a secret ox. i had no idea it was at least a four part process. take that western zodiac... i do love the idea of having an inner monkey though. cracks me right up. oh the mischief that awaits an inner monkey in a fire year. all kidding aside, the more i think about it, the more i am beginning to see the chinese new year as a second chance on new year's resolutions. a fresh start, take 2.

Friday, February 16, 2007

rattle and hum

woke up this morning to hear the rattle and hum of something clattering about in the furnace room. landlord is on the case. went to yoga this morning and made a mental note to remember the lovely sunshine streaming thru the space. a yoga mum came to class and actually left her two boys in the basement to play while we tried our best not to hear them upstairs. i guess it was a PA day or something. right as we were about to go into corpse pose, one of the boys peeked his head out asking his mum if he could get his mittens - it's cold in the basement. she said, no, you don't need them. just 10 more minutes for relaxation. kinda funny really. i think that is an example of not being able to have your cake and eat it too. anyhow, the clatter in the furnace has now been silenced. it is friday, lovely friday. can't wait for saturday!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

and best picture goes to...

The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. went to the vintage rep cinema, bloor cinema, last night. there is something perfect about the big band music booming before the show, the red curving walls, the worn theatre chairs, the heavy velvet curtains pulling up to unveil the picture. this is the way watching a movie should be, forget buildings shaped like space crafts or rubix cubes. perhaps it is that the theatre reminds me of castro theatre in san francisco which is even more dreamy, complete with wurlitzer performance and tons of architectural drama. anyhow, that is just the set dressing to tell you about the main attraction. the movie. so beautiful, heart-breaking, stunningly innovative. i can not believe it was not even nominated. obvious politics at play, damn you brad pitt. it is timeless. in fact, the movie spans 1000 years and examines love, death, the meaning of life, the boundaries of science and faith, the fountain of's amazing, especially because the visual effects were made on the cheap with magnified droplets of various liquids and substances -- makes you feel like you're traveling thru space as it has never been witnessed before.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

bonjour bri-ROACH

one of the nice things about working for yourself, is that sometimes you get to have a little slice of saturday on wednesday. i had a breakfast meeting at bonjour brioche yesterday morning. this popular East end brunch spot is difficult to get into on the weekend, but mid week there is elbow room to spare and the same delish features like salmon scramble with rosti caviar, horseradish and creme fraiche alongside fresh baked bagette. i even treated myself to a cafe au lait, in a bowl no less. deluxeness. only one small problem. ok, two small problems. after i had cleared my plate, my meeting pal who was sitting facing the open kitchen leans in and tells me he just saw, wait for it... a roach scuttle up the wall. i quickly turn around to see one of the kitchen staffers spraying something on the wall in question with a paper towel. my meeting pal must have a stomach of steel because he still put away two pain au chocolat which he ordered from the pastrie window where he had spotted another roach nestled in the goods. insane! anyhow, i wish i knew about the bug problem before i ordered. i felt like it was my civic duty to alert my fellow foodies, to tell you to stay away until they have fumigated. yeesh.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

pursuit of happyness

Martin Frohm: What would you say if man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him? What would you say?
Christopher Gardner: He must have had on some really nice pants.

watched this flick and felt inspired. the trailer doesn't do it justice. makes it seem cute-sy and hollywood when it is actually quite genuine with a good story. it was also set in SF which brought back lots of memories especially since our first days there were spent in the Tenderloin area where the Glide church is, Canadian dollar at an all time low. you actually feel the financial pinch alongside Chris; along with the shame. will smith's character is well drawn, he never blames anyone for his tough time and he never plays the pity card. brave, brave.

also saw Children of Men, clive owen is fabulous. i love the way the future isn't that different from today --just has a few technological advancements, different politics but it is believable because it is almost like today. you can feel the sorrow of a world where children no longer exist. this makes the film feel so vulnerable, it is very personal, yet the future of the human race is at stake. i have to say that i have been loving the oscar noms this year, haven't been disappointed yet. still so many to see.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


still savouring the deluxeness of this perfect saturday. woke up, dN read some cool articles from Wired magazine aloud, then I ate homemade guacamole and corn chips for breakfast before jetting off to laughing yoga class. best laughing meditation yet, lots of crazy laughs chasing one another up into the sky. felt like my soul opened up and basked in the collective glow. next stop, chinatown for mother's dumplings. a slice of heaven, i tell you. wandered queen, coffee in hand with my pal audrey. came home all flushed and cheery from an afternoon of laughing punctuated by good stories & insightfuls -- watched xfiles with dN and my brother-in-law under cover of sleeping bags. leftover hot and sour for dinner. tonight? a night out at the movies. another oscar pick, children of men. (couldn't convince the boys to see dreamgirls, sorry is next on my list i swear) my apologies if this post is alittle catalogue-y but i felt i had to record it in the order of progression, almost like you couldn't describe a meal with the appetizer last. ahhhh...namaste.