Monday, March 19, 2007

open wide

in the spirit of spring here is a snap of our sun room.

lucky pink sweater

i call this my lucky pink sweater because within hours of the sweater coming into my life, two new gigs came our way. who hoo! this week is going to be so deluxe.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

3 minutes

wandered off the street into a gallery on ossington where they were taking names on a sign up sheet for a three minute relationship. there were several people waiting and the incentive was simple, there's hardly a wait right now. audrey and i looked at each other, are you game? we were not. i must admit i was curious. what happens in a three minute relationship? speed dating gives you 7 minutes I think. they were capturing this art project on film so maybe we'll discover the mysteries in a documentary some day. it was a surreal moment.

artifact found: a safe + a pot

artifacts found: a safe + a pot
someone left a safe and an oversized pot (minus the tree) outside our garage at the house. we think it was our portugese neighbour with the garbage conspiracy theories. he has a habit of leaving random objects around the neighbourhood. It's an odd pairing though. what do you think it means?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the death of cool: facebook

join my anti-social network, yes, i am nursing my inner bart simpson in response to the latest craze of webbies, facebook.lately it seems to be on everyone's lips, are you on facebook? like there is this world of 1000 thread count sheets and lush living if only you join, show your mug, share your contacts list. the answer is no. i am not on facebook. i will admit to being tempted to see what the fuss is about, but i woke up the other day thinking what if there was an anti social network. one called assbook. i checked, and sure enough it exists. gotta love the web. i think the problem with facebook is that we graduated from highschool,and there is someithing so very uncool about aching to relive it, to cheerfully fill out your form and feel proud as your friends rack up. how about connecting with your friends in the real world, over coffee and talking to their yes, face. am i wrong here? i think the best way to find out your friend's status has changed from attached to single is over coffee chat, a walk, a gallery hop. the very sentiment of you're missing out on so much fun, makes me want to head for the hills, embrace my inner bart simpson, call a friend, go for tea and cupcakes. never mind that facebook was cool to the people still in highschool, ages ago. touché.

hope springs eternal

there was a hint of spring in the air yesterday, warmer weather, melting snow, sunshine blasting. here's hoping the weather is a sign of good things to come. we'll weather the storms and arrive on the other side in sweet, savvory spring.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

soul survivor

went to my first laughing meditation class tonight, it was the inaugural class with only 5 in attendance. we started with a cup of mint tea. there is no talking and a chime of this bowl from tibet signals change to the next exercise. there was this great gibberish exercise which was so fantastic. a cacaphony of chitta chatta non-sense, we were re-setting our brains, making room in the attic, messing with the pull of the brain into constant internal conversation and commentary. i imagined these wacked out faces in a cafe, speaking in a language i didn't understand, parts of their faces blurred, even a penguin appeared. we laughed a medition, hummed and there was an exercise where you were encouraged to be the kid let run wild in gym class; a wild animal of laughter with no rules, no eye contact. it was crazy but fun. it felt more soulful then our regular saturday class. there was one moment in the class, in the darkness and the stillness of silence that i felt -- this is the first time i've been truly alone. like i was floating in a black hole. it was like all emotions were on pause. i didn't feel scared or worried. i felt calm but outside my body and personality. it is like exercise for your soul. we ended with a quick cup of mint tea and headed back outside into the cold, dark night. the subway attendant let me thru with 5 cents shy of my fare, he was listening to "sitting on the dock of the bay" which seemed quite perfect. i also overheard 'eleanor rigby' enroute home and sang out loud with it. the soundtrack of my soul, perhaps?

bonnie + clyde

two pidgeons moved into our house via the chimney. they were trying to get out of the cold but once inside they tried to make a quick getaway and the windows baffled them. dN nearly jumped out of his skin, thinking he was alone at the house when all of sudden he heard them cooing. he chased clyde out and bonnie disappeared into the rafters. we left a window open to aid her escape. did i mention we are in a super chill out in TO these days, minus freakin' 30 with the wind chill. no wonder the birds needed to a place to crash. fly blackbird fly, into the light of the dark black sky.

Friday, March 02, 2007

out loud

finally bothered to fill out the profile for this blog. it's an odd thing, i like to fly under the radar most of the time but decided to see what life would be like on the other side. it was only mildly painful filling it out, feeling like i had to fit into the blank spaces, we'll see who finds me via the new profile. welcome if you are new to the site! i may have to mess with it abit. so far life out loud feels pretty quiet. ;)

after the storm

a high-as-a-house tree was struck by lightning and fell across our street, making mash of a parked car's trunk, blocking the street from traffic. the sidewalks alternates between skating rink and melting crunch. march definately came in like a lion, here's hoping she's out like a lamb.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

snow day

there is snow and snow and more snow falling from the sky today. walked half a block and felt like i braved the elements at the north pole, my hat was covered in snow and my glasses fogged over. above, there was a huge clap of thunder then the street lamp I was walking beneath lost power. are these signs? i may need to stay inside for at least 24 hrs. all this fuss about the weather reminds me of snow days when i was a kid. growing up in sudbury, we actually had to dig out our front door occassionally from snow and we survived the odd bit of snow in june. then again, people i went to highschool with actually snowmobiled into school, parading their YAMAHA gear around the halls with pride. i used to make snow forts in the woods complete with ice couches made via multiple thermoses of hot water. it is funny because no one ever cancels anything because the weather is too hot in the summer, it is nice that we get these built-in excuses in our canadian winters. and it's officially march, spring - yeah right. long live the snow day!