Saturday, April 28, 2007

the doors

the excitement this week was the arrival of... wait for it. our new front door(s). double door, in fact. here's the progress captured for all to see.




Thursday, April 26, 2007

the jar of pickles whispered

openned the fridge this morning and heard this sound "shhhhhhhhhhh...." i leaned in to the jar of soy whipped cream and thought maybe something had gone awry with the spray bottle. the shushing continued but this wasn't the source. i leaned closer and realized it was the jar of pickles. our fine traditional polish jar. how bizarre!

strange trash

wish i captured this on film. the crazy lady next door left 5 fans on the sidewalk as trash this week. she has the tiniest house, was there a fan in every room or is there some feng shui ritual involving fans that i am not aware of? she is a woman of the elements. first water out the window, then mountains of salt on the sidewalk, brooms in the window, now fans. any theories?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

gather round

here's a snap of the grill on our lower level fireplace. i love the intricate detail, imagine the stories it could tell. snowy nights with the crackle burning behind it, rosy cheeks and chatter gathered round. stockinged feet lounging along side. makes you ache for hot coco and a good book. anybody have any good camp fire stories to share?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

tattoo dreams

the angels invading my dreams have a funny sense of humour. last night the feature was all about deciding to get a tattoo on my face. the word soul beneath my eye, though i considered deluxe as an option and a few different symbols that had meaning at the time, one incorporated a cross. there was some sort of peer pressure on the tattoo until i finally realized i could say no and that plain skin was more beautiful. george clooney made a cameo. we actually played this video game together, i think i kicked his ass. anyhow george agreed that no tattoos was beautiful. i considered getting the tattoo somewhere less obvious, at the nape of my neck but decided against it. the tattoo artist did a sketch of just an O below my eye to help me see what it would be looked alittle marilyn monroe. i commented that it would work if i was Oprah or Olivia. silly me.

Friday, April 13, 2007


friday the 13th, the eve where mischief and hooligans make off with the jewels in life. good luck turned inside out. managed to escape catastrophe today, though my brow has furrowed itself into quite a crankola knot. any advice on ways to chase these blues away? i am sure this too will pass. i hearby summon the sweet angels of lady luck to soothe away any foul spirits from the weekend, to remind me of all the good of late and to keep on shining. today is the kind of day where i need to reverse any broken words that fall upon my ears.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

obladi obladah

life goes on, alahala life goes on. as the wind chases your coat tails and you look up in the sky, the wind sighs knowingly and the spirit of spring makes itself known to the universe and you. i have been chased by crazy dreams lately -- lost on a film set parking lot where even zach braff's cell phone does not work for me. security guards hinder instead of help and different parts of my life mingle but it is like the dream soundrack for ill communication by the beasty boys. lots of missed connections and lost messages. here's hoping tonight sweet angels breathe a soulful kiss instead.

Friday, April 06, 2007

kickin' it old skool

this has been our expression of the day for the last couple of days. i woke up the other morning thinking of that expression "work is a four letter word" and then i was obsessed with thinking of four letter words that i love, like love, live, soul, sale, walk, sing, save, calm, grin, fate, face, eyes, kiss, rain, moon, star, give, take, make, eats, skip, cure, heal, bliss, oh that one has 5...happy easter all, sorry for the pause in posts,