Monday, November 01, 2010

2 Dreams

Here are descriptions of two dreams that linger into waking life....comments welcome.Both have an artistic bent so at the very least, they may entertain.

Hearts within hearts, searching for different colours and textures
I was making a collage of sorts. The main theme was hearts within hearts. Cherry red escaped me. There was a tiny black heart and I was searching for the right fabric to layer over it...lace or polka dots to the touch -almost like brraille, maybe ribbons.

Huge Turqoise Garage + Vintage Cruiser
I wanted to capture this one on film. Technicolour. Vivid.
It was a huge garage, almost like a barn. the wood was painted a lovely shade of blue-green. A retro car was leaving out the huge door. Everything was happening in slow motion. When I came back later, the light had changed, the garage was grey.