Friday, December 23, 2005

more taxi cab wisdom

took a cab today and the driver was talking about wealth in terms of being humble. being the type of person who would have dinner with the president but would go over and speak with the staff afterwards with the same respect. he didn't have a family and was worried about spending new year's eve alone. i hope he finds his sally this new year's eve. it was a short ride but therapeutic. it was good to be out in the land of the living again.

may sugar plum fairies dance in your head this holiday.

Friday, December 16, 2005

artifact found: 4 polish journals

and an old black purse, stuffed in the ceiling in the farthest black corner of the basement, along with an old wine barrel tap. the journals are the black vinyl, lined types with pages and pages of neat writing in polish, smaller pages and envelopes tucked in and the odd newspaper clipping loosely folded between. are they prayers? deep dark family secrets? it's the corner of the basement where the wash basin and washer sit, a boarded up window. dank. we are guessing it was the mother of the house who stashed these books here. the writing style looks feminine. hopefully we unleash some cherished memories, we're going to give these journals to thelma next door, stay tuned...
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hope faith courage

delving deep into the inner reserves. if you have any to spare, feel free to share. funny stories also appreciated. is anyone listening?

Monday, December 12, 2005

the neighbours: the berlin wall has fallen

behind the garage, a line of evergreens sits, covered in snow. peace. in the end, they gave up the quest for the berlin wall and all is silent, all is right between the two sides. a nice bit of christmas cheer.

Friday, December 09, 2005

bluegrass fridge

close to lunch and an eruption of squawking bluegrass noises boom momentarily from the fridge. it also faintly sounds like a baby crying. definately louder when you open the door, proof that i've gone off the deep end?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

bright sun peeks thru

the lead glass windows splash patterns across my bedroom, photographs and mirror. in the living room there is a bizarre triangle of rainbow, the collection of light is like a necklace. bits of hope to hold on to. the world is full of beauty, if you can just take note, peace.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

words to remember

when everything is fine. don't take anything for granted. appreciate the people who love you. take photos, make artwork, travel the world, do yoga, run for miles, dance. don't give in to the temptations of chocolate, pie, chips, pizza. take your vitamins and make sure to get your rest. laugh lots, stress not.

Friday, December 02, 2005

steak queen

SQ has arrived! Steak Queen: the house of the famous homemade burgers and steaks, of course. SQ inherits the space formerly occupied by Coffee Tip on the SW edge of christie pits, next to AFC (Adjuker's Fried Chicken). Coffee Tip was one of our favourite laughs on the way home. The sign was a rip off of Coffee Time, home to an interesting cast of characters, mafia types and lost souls. it was like the discount version of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. anyhow, the haphazard Coffee Tip sign is gone and replaced with the new but old style blue and yellow Steak Queen sign, S and Q interlinked in powerpoint graphics style. just wanted to make you aware in case a hankering for steak overcomes you. Where is the Steak King?

bin 4

bin 4 arrived without witness. the abandonned tv set has left the yard. the house is quickly unraveling, the attic is the space most changed -- raise high the roof beams! everything is exposed. the wall between the two rooms is almost completely gone. last night when we swung by to tape our permits to the window, we toured the place and marveled at the state of undress. the upstairs side window overlooks the neighbour's apartment. he isn't used to having an audience. in the amber light, we caught a glimpser of him pacing his apartment, tv on, dinner in progress. snow fell from the heavens last night and today the yard is sunny with a perfect layer of white rolled across.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


i have been out of my mind afraid lately. today, my wisest friend said - fear doesn't change anything. And he's right. Plus it actually makes the situation worse. so, picture me as a super hero flying in the face of this dark fear. she lands softly at the top of the mountain in time for a cocktail.