Tuesday, October 31, 2006

if you carve it, they will come

(photo stolen from flickr) we went to fiesta and all that was left were the tiny pumpkins, so dN carved three crazed mini pumpkins, two were one eyed beasts with pointy teeth and we sat out on the front porch with our toques to hand out chocolate goodness to those who came looting.

this one kid said in mobster-style, hey what're you guys do-in? like we were up to no good or something, we said "renovations." the door was cranked open and behind us you could see our work.in.progress illuminated by construction lamps. the first crew had a cranky belle, who when asked who she was replied haughtily "Belle!" and stormed off. cranky belle, that is! it was pretty funny. there was one kid dressed as a bird, probably 3 or 4 years old. he happily declared "i'm a bird!" we also had cbc radio bellowing "the raven" by edgar allen poe for impact. quoth the raven, `nevermore.'

our street is a mix of over the top halloween houses with all the tricks, music, tomb stones, strange mood lighting and then the anti crew who don't turn their lights on, not even blinking at the parade in the hood.

trick or treat.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


confession: we have been watching season upon season of the sopranos lately. everywhere we turn, we think we see mobsters. fugedabudit.

Friday, October 20, 2006

koco ny: the perfect card

koco ny: these are my favourite cards on the planet. art meets poetry = sublime

found this article about the company in my web travels today. how cool is that? i have a few friends that are anti-cards, but let me tell you...sometimes the card is the best part of the gift. long live the greeting card!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


fisticuffs - a fight with bare fists

on sunday i went to the movies in yorkville and there was a car stalled on the one-way street blocking car upon car with no end in sight. well, ok a two hour wait for a tow truck but almost no end in sight. apparently there were frozen brakes and the car couldn't even be pushed to the roadside. we found out the news from a fellow walking the sidewalk who told us some of the drivers almost got into "fisticuffs" over the issue. now, as rough and tumble as this sounds for us uber polite canadians -- i found the expression fisticuffs kind of sweet and old fashioned. i imagine two handsome gents getting into fisticuffs over some pretty lady. cartoon wounds, not real ones. the kind accompanied by Bam! Gadzooks! and a gigantic yellow starburst of some sort. as a lover of nostalgic words, i beg you to post some of your favs, pretty please. zesty, i know you have it in you.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

a matching set

of twisted ankles! dN twisted his left foot at volleyball yesterday, he's on crutches. what a pair! unbelievable but true. hopefully the wicked winds of luck have blown thru town.

Friday, October 13, 2006

luck be a lady tonight

friday the 13th folks, beware the twists of fate.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

first sight of snow

not even halloween yet and snowflakes were caught streaming across familiar skies. brrrrrrrrrr....feel the chilly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

water works

as we approach the luckiest day of the year, it seems every day there's a new catastrophe. yesterday, killer carrots. today, water fiasco. we had city water officials come by the office, two plumbers and my landlord camped out almost all day fixing some hairline fracture in a pipe. we were without water for about 4.5 hours. not exactly a catastrophe but still everything seems to be tending towards chaos lately.

what are you planning to do to ward off evil on friday the 13th? grab your clove of garlic and leave me a comment sharing tales of unluckiness near and far. i dare you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

killer carrots

first spinach, now carrot juice. who knew it could be so dangerous to be a health nut? i have bought this juice quite a few times and shudder to think if i accidentally, absent-mindedly had forgotten to refrigerate for a few hours. what kind of twisted world is it that millions of donut-eaters, chocolate addicts, & twinkie fans survived in true homer simpson bliss while the poor carrot juicers and spinach eaters suffer dire consequences?

such shocking symptoms:
Symptoms of botulism can include: double-vision, droopy eyelids, altered voice, trouble with speaking or swallowing, and paralysis on both sides of the body that progresses from the neck down, possibly followed by difficulty in breathing. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

unbelievable but true. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Friday, October 06, 2006

give thanks

here's wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. turkey, pumpkin pie, fall walks with tons of colour - hopefully minimal drama with the family. here's thanking the heavens for good health, good friends, and the sweet moments in life.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

oh, the dish

ok folks, the story begins. last weekend our neighbour installed this eye sore of a satellite dish, pretty much as close as possible to the dividing line on our semi. we called the home owner to let her know her tenant had done so and asked nice and politely if she would mind asking the tenant to please move it. she seemed not to care. still feeling that chilly retort.

in addition to being an eye sore the satellite blocks part of the view from our front tiny window.

now as much as we respect their right to do as they please with their house, would it have been so terrible to install it in a less intrusive place, let's say one that does not block the view at all from my soon to be office?

are we over-reacting? feels so unreasonable and rude.

a little slice of heaven

flashback: sept 2003, laduree on rue bonaparte. we slid a note beneath the latest "collection" of delicate macaroons behind glass in the chocolate shop. tasted as many flavours as possible on the pont des arts strewn with student artists and distracted parisian locals. a little piece of heaven. established in 1862, no less. the french are so damn cool.