Saturday, March 29, 2008

earth hour

an hour of darkness to take a stand against global warming. bring on the candles! it kind of reminds me of the summer of 2003 when we had a power outage around mid august and i took a shower by candlelight. loved the feeling it gave my apartment. i also overheard my sopranos neighbours drinking the last of their beer before it spoiled without the electricity. "you don't know the meaning of false advertising" was the quote i overheard and laughed about to myself for days afterwards. it has to be said in this mob-ster brooklyn-esque accent. anyhow, the count down begins. tell me how you spent your hour of darkness...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

marching orders

where did march go? i feel like this calendar page flew past me at lightning speed. p e r s p e c t i v e is needed, zesty and ragdoll are on to something with their creative pursuits. need to savour what's important in life and stop to smell the metaphors ...not sweat the small stuff at that four letter word known as work.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

absurdity witnessed+: 14 bottles of bleach on the lawn

14 bottles of bleach on the lawn, 14 bottles of bleach. you take one down, pass it around...yes, it's true. crazy chinese lady from next door had a display of 14 bottles of bleach (empty) on her tiny front lawn. she must own stock! this obsession really baffles us. cleanliness is next to godliness or so they say. she must be at the gates of heaven at this rate. happy easter!

Follow Up Post - Saturday, March 29:
the 14 bottoms are displayed in three star-like displays on her lawn. like flowers of bleach. astericks! not an accident i am sure. the oddity continues...

Friday, March 21, 2008

absurdity witnessed: bleach + salt

crazy chinese lady from next door was at it again. this time we spotted her dumping an entire bottle of bleach on a stray piece of wood on the street out front of her house. then a pyramid of salt appeared in the same spot the next day. the woman goes through bleach like it is water. anyone have any theories on the meaning behind the salt pyramids? she is a one-woman reality tv show. good friday! for more absurdity witnessed, read on.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

out of dodge

on saturday dN suggested an impromptu roadtrip to waterloo, the city where we went to school and met. we visited his brother in cambridge first and then caught a flick at the place of our first official date - the princess theatre -- it is an independent rep theatre packed with artsy university students. we sat in the same seats as we did on that date, right up front so we could put our feet up on the stage. they have the best movie popcorn ever! afterwards we went to curry in a hurry...a student haunt that makes a mean butter chicken. next time, we'll have to swing by the jane bond cafe. the sun shone brightly as we laughed a howl en route. an excellent way to spend a sunny saturday. deluxe-ness!

Friday, March 14, 2008

wrong number? frenchie

four times of late, at odd hours of the day -- early and late...a man has called my cell asking for frenchie. frenchie? did my cell mistakenly end up in the personals, sounds like a call girl or some other code name ala diablo cody. too wierd! just thought i'd share, thought it might make you laugh. the call around 11:30pm was met with some harsh words on my part...definitely gave him an earful. he called back this morning and hung up when he heard my voice, then called back immediately so i let dN take it. fool! wires are crossing, that's for sure.

proof of work: book themed baby onesie

here's a snap of a silkscreen project i made for book loving friends with new babies. photo courtesy of my friend sally, and her charming model baby ben.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

honest to blog

ventured south last week to visit my folks in arizona. as luck would have it, the universe presented me with my very own answer deck fortune. the last time i was in the motor home i had the deck out and was doing readings. two cards slipped under the "slide out" (code for mobile living room that appears upon the push of a button while parked) and didn't reappear until i was back in the trailer. the fortune? journey and judgement. the journey makes sense in a motor coach, and in the bigger picture of soul searching journeys and such. the judgement one makes sense too since it was paired with an image of a mountain set behind a forked road. fitting as that is a snapshot of the landscape we travelled on last week and i am trying out some new health stuff and deciding between the old and the new in many ways. oh and zest -- you'll laugh when you read this -- the vulnerable card that turned up on your question of whether or not you should take the job had a baby carriage on it. makes sense for a mat leave! i think it was telling you to take the job! the pictures do indeed add to the fortune.

also found a battered up ace for my pocket in the desert and was told by a stranger that i am a "hummingbird." will have to look that up! thankfully i didn't get stranded at the airport with all the snow storm cancellations and delays. it was lovely to get a bit of sun and a break from the sky high snow banks and ice.