Friday, July 28, 2006

lost package

it is funny how you can try to speed life up sometimes, and then it finds a way to slow things down anyhow. we have been waiting on a package mailed out on July 19th. express. still have not received it. have not received one notice. now we will likely have to drive to bramptom to pick it up. numerous hours spent tracking it to no end. confirmed the address several times, no problem. same one on my driver's license. ah... has it entered the ether? we are not destined to receive this package. sometimes the tortoise wins the race, if we sent it Canada Post we would have received 3 days later.

midsummer night

inventive crowd of cools at the drake patio on this midsummers' night eve. there was a rowdy bunch of artists beside me. the lounge singing entertainer was strumming his guitar, singing his version of old Beatles tunes all night. he had shades on well into the evening, was he hiding something? lemons stacked on ice, spilled twice, once witnessed. good company. there was a cop on a horse named sarge. (the hors was named sarge, not the cop.) there was an obnoxious suv limo parked on the sidewalk. lost cat screamed the poster art on the pole. was it a dream?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

they say it's your blog day...

happy blog day dear prudence, happy blog day to you...

its been a crazy year recorded here. i need to keep from stressing and slipping back into the insanity.friends it is harder than it seems. focusing on the positive, there were some good artifacts found, good stories to be told. here's hoping this is a good year.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

side profile house update: we've been looking at tile lately and slabs of rock for the kitchen counter. wandering thru the warehouse, stacks of rock with names like white fantasy and black galaxy line the aisles. it is funny how something natural becomes a marketing dodad. more soon, off to yoga....

Monday, July 17, 2006

saturday night

snapshot: bliss. hot saturday evening spent in lawn chairs beneath the umbrella tree with a discount pizza, bottle of wine, newspaper, flipping between the jazz station and cbc vinyl tap on the radio.

Friday, July 14, 2006

travelling elves

1 part sweet, 2 parts sinister. just plain wacky. reminds me of amelie. these are the elves that gathered around the corner from the red windows below. you could almost hear them whispering to you in the wind, urging the pranksters to go the extra mile. there is something about lawn ornaments that is quintessentially summer. no flamingos here. from elvis to elves, freaky friday courtesy of

Thursday, July 13, 2006

elvis sighting

caught on film. elvis in leslieville, toronto. a sign of things to come. the countdown begins for the annual elvis weekend in collingwood. happening at the end of july. return to senda, address unknown, no such numba, no such zone. stay tuned.

open wide

more proof of my windows obsession. this photo was taken in appenzell in switzerland. magical elves were just around the corner, i kid you not.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

artifact found: vintage bottle caps

check out the latest discovery from the house. dN uncovered these while i was away. apparently there was a dairy just around the corner. an artist has taken over the property and street where it resided and he renamed the alley, milky way.

the cap on the left is fuel for the imagination. the magestic peacock, the regal china lady, so many stories you wish it could tell. the cap on the right makes milk seem like cola. DRINK ME, it screams. i love how it reads -- Tuesday, is that the expiry date or the date it was delivered? Tuesday milk, so very lovely, especially since today is...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

wish you were here

found this cafe on a side street in the old town in zurich, perfect place to while away a saturday over a lemonade.

(flash forward)
today, after hacking away at our unruly amazon, some call a garden, i headed with my sis to city hall to check out art in the park. then we went for dim sum in china town. kim moon bakery has reinvented itself. gone are the electric orange tiles out front and retro booths within. the food, however, remains solid yum. we drank tea in impossibly small cups and pondered the future while giggling at the past. it was one of those days that was so hot, it is like the sky yelled -- I am SUMMER, hear me ROAR! flip flops were the only salvation. now, i am listening to my kitchen dancing mix and dancing about the house. vive le weekend!

finally: the house

you've been asking and asking. finally, a picture of the house. inside snaps upon request. she's a beauty. a labour of love.