Thursday, February 19, 2009

if u lead, i will follow

btw: you can now officially follow this blog. gadget added to the right hand column, at the bottom. so far it is a lonely hearts club but it is new and easy to miss. i'll give it a month and if it is still empty i will delete. i know the small circle of followers unofficially anyhow.

lost and found again

i updated my template and decided to add some labels. had a typo on the beloved artifact found post labels, pressed delete -- meaning delete the label not the posts and gone! frantically searched the forums for an answer and thank god for cached pages on search engines! i was able recreate most of them but a few are gone forever. i couldn't redo your comments, so u will just have to remember your witty banter.i enjoyed it to be sure. so sad. so sorry! the good news is that i have 13 up and i think i originally had 15 labelled. i can't believe there wasn't a confirm prompt, just gone. i have the best ones reborn though, so fear not. i have a lot of material over the last 3-4 years so i'll take my time labeling the best for any newbies or pals who care to look.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

men are from mar.s

a birthday week e-present to two canucks abroad. for context see comment. dreaming of showing up to a meeting in your boxers? here's what the dream book had to say:

a favourable sign. to be embarrassed in a dream means you will be successful in life.

unless of course you weren't embarrassed...

to dream of undressing in a dream, means scandalous gossip will colour people's opinions of you.

they will after reading this post!

or if you were just being polite and really you were naked....

if you find yourself naked in a dream and try to cover up, you have acted inappropriately on desires and wish to repent.

i'm guessing option A since -- hey, we are canadian and embarrass easy. that is no blushing matter. it is all in fun. happy birthdays!

Friday, February 13, 2009

inspire: half the job is just showing up

when i first started this blog
, that sentiment is what pushed me over the edge into this world. thanks to audrey for sending me this and here's to nursing that inner spirit or blaming it when you need to. here's to just showing up.

a twist of fate

what a strange moment this year. friday the 13th bumping into valentine's day. one day is full of spook and doom seems to be lurking at every corner, the next is a day of love. this year will be low key for us, i am just happy to spend three whole days alone together. movies and pizza is on our list. maybe a touch of chocolate. i know there has been a pause in posts of late, i can't lie -- it has been tough and it was just hard to have perspective. i couldn't muster up the spirit to write if it wasn't going to make the blogosphere a better place. our house is coming along and that vision, that creative force and space and the true love of my one and only has kept me from throwing in the towel. that, and this song. it is our soundtrack on the march forward into the promise of better days. happy valentine's day and freaky friday.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sweet dreams are made of this

had a dream that i was acting in a play, for some reason the rehearsal was the live performance so we were allowed to read from these small brown cue cards. ben affleck played a math teacher and jen garner was giving us pointers. we were encouraged to improvise and the play was held in this crazy Royal Tennebaums-esque house. i was nervous but thrilled at the same time. this is a strange notion for me, when we put on plays in highschool i was into set design and making props.

here's what my dream book had to say:

To dream of acting on a stage is a sign of change to come. It can also mean you need to be more aggressive to achieve your goals.

this is very true. strange, but bang on. the dream book doesn't lie it seems.