Tuesday, October 28, 2008


belief. on a week where make-believe, costumes and jack-o-lanterns are in style i just thought i would take a moment on the beauty and sheer force required behind a seemingly innocent word: belief. sometimes it is so hard to believe and keep going. believe in what is good, believe that everything really will work out and that the people we love and the people we are really do deserve their inner most dreams, hopes, and wishes. believing in happiness and secret sauce and all things deluxe. believing in the face of nay sayers and at times logic or common sense. i find that not only do i have to believe but so do the people i love and the friends around me. like the circle of believing just helps make it so. be-lieve. almost be. live. this song speaks to me, the music and the feeling behind it rather than the lyrics per say. belief. believe. join the circle.

full moon

the cold wind howls, the trees shush all around. the last of the golden leaves float to the grey below. last week there was snow in the air, it looked like confetti at an italian wedding. a celebration. the november stage is set. sometimes the sky looks so full of expression. like it is drama, waiting to happen. a character actor with an unforgettable smirk. a movie that is both full of meaning and yet full of wonder. a completely different personality to summer or spring. the temptation is to hibernate or wish it away but yet there is so much beauty. the calendar promises a full moon tonight, hopefully it brings unusual dreams and characters with it. sweet dreams.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fortunes: dreams revealed

so sally's gift continues to delight. awakened in the wee hours and then quickly looked up the symbols in my dreams. i was in a vintage bookstore that was having a closing out sale, the movie section of course. but lots of fascinating classic finds. there were clothes there too, my friend k and i were hunting for a tshirt or a badge with sudbury on it. then i was searching the prints section, hunting for art deco calendar prints of san francisco to surprize dn with.

to dream of books is a sign of an increasingly happy, contented life.

someone fancies you if you are a woman and you dream of buying clothes.

if you look at art or discuss it, it portends advancement in your career.

all this on the eve when i picked up my secrets of happiness book before bed to start reading it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

attack of the killer flem

a new movie, starring me! ok, not quite killer but the idea of one of those vintage movie posters kept crossing my mind. if there is a world where tomatoes can be killer why not flem? obvious there are more important things to dwell on. just a fun way to laugh at myself i guess. happy sunday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


yesterday: hit with a miserable cold. felt awful. the word cold doesn't do it justice. it seemed to hit me like a tornado. today, changed my password, locked my computer for lunch, misspelled the new password...one character off i instead of e. then paid for it, with almost 6 hours of tech support. sheesh! i hope an upswing is in sight.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


happy thanksgiving to all the canucks round the table. today was the perfect indian summer day, crisp, bright and sunny. the leaves, tiny bits of golden yellow. hints of red and orange, dancing in the wind. lots to be grateful for. making the future we want, happen. keep an eye on the prize and a fire in the heart. take nothing for granted. love. peace. happiness.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

in the dark

have you noticed that baby boomers have issues with lights? both my father and my inlaws seem to be light obsessed, deprived. preferring the darkness. a friend of ours says her parents carry flashlights with them in the house so they won't have to turn hallway lights on. part of it seems a green effort, lower electricity bills and the like. for me. someone who has fallen down a dark set of stairs and then it took crutches and months, maybe even years to get over the twisted ankle, pulled muscles and resulting lack of exercise..it seems insane. that whole tumble could have been avoided with a night light so i could see the last step properly. i just want to see and not fall, is that so wrong? the irony is that for my father, the lights obsession is selective. when it is show and tell time...the tour of neighbours thru the house for a brag fest of the latest project...no expense spared. lights, camera, action. every possible light is on.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

the end of a chapter, the start of a new one

regrets for the pause in posts. there is a lot happening outside the lines of the blog at the moment. i did want to pay tribute though to one small corner. we moved out of our crash pad this week. good bye crazy chinese sneezing lady from next door and all her antics. the water, the salt, the moth balls, the loud music, the drama...chapter closed. i am at my inlaws for the next while, while dN camps out at our work.in.progress house. don't ask me when we are moving in, it happens when it happens. i will be happy to write that post someday. deluxe-ness. i have had plenty of things i mentally blogged about but have not had a chance to get fingers to keys. stay tuned...