Friday, June 29, 2007

brush with schmarminess: sarah polley

drake patio today around 5pm: we spotted sarah polley kicking back with pals in a great pair of sweet retro shoes i might add. she was wearing this bold print dress and had her hair pulled back for any fashionistas who might care about details of this sort. it's funny because i feel this kinship with her because we both tried on wedding dresses together at the same shop on queen back in the day. of course, i am sure she doesn't remember but it's a nice memory and it's the dress i ended up getting married in so it stuck in my mind. maybe she was a good luck charm? happy canada day folks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fortune teller instincts strike again

had another hunch about a good friend with child! it actually almost got me in trouble because i mentioned the hunch to another friend who took my hunch as fact. sorta pre-leaked the news in a way. thankfully it didn't get too out of hand. but it was wierd because i had no idea, but really felt sure of my hunch. i will try to conjure up a notion of the sex of the baby and see if i'm right. i'll have to keep that part a secret until the arrival.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

hot unda collar

temperatures soared, tempers flared. i felt zen most of the weekend but witnessed some firecrackers around town. at my laughter yoga class this fiestly 83 year old cranked out so much that my teacher up and left class and decided to take a few months sabbatical. i ended up racing after her and we did some tai chi on the grass together and then had a nice chat. she totally didn't deserve the lack of respect but she felt good for not taking it and i was glad i could cheer her up a little. it will all work out in the end. thank goodness our laughter meditation class is drama free, it's just the saturday laughing yoga class that is kicking up a fuss. how ridiculous is that? it's about laughing for goodness sake! then today, we went to the beach and in the very full parking lot this guy was standing and holding a parking space for a friend when this other car proceeded to drive into him, yes drive into a person. parking rage! it all happened in slow motion but the standing guy got so mad he kicked the car and started yelling. not sure how it all went down with the cops. we were lucky because in all the fuss we ended up getting this good parking spot as another car was leaving and there was no competition for the spot. hard to feel glad for too long because of all the drama. geez louise, why can't we all just get along?

Friday, June 22, 2007

little old ladies

went for a walk today and had to laugh at the little old ladies hosing leaves etc off the side walk, it's like a rite of passage for that demographic. brooms outlawed! another thing that made me chuckle was the crazy lady from next door. there's another pyramid of salt on the walk out front of her place, this one strategically placed at the far corner, almost at the doorstep of our house. warding off some kind of vermon i am sure. maybe she knows who took the boots?

Monday, June 18, 2007

a mile in your boots

dN had a pair of old stinky construction boots outside our crash pad's door. upon returning from our father's day visits we came home to find that someone had taken the boots and replaced them with a black pair of imitation crocks. such a funny thing, especially with tales of urban robin hood in the hood. who takes stinky boots and leaves a pair of replacements behind? in the same position by the door, no less. how bizarre. we imagined a world where his boots had a tracking device and we can see who decided to walk a mile in his boots. did they actually expect him to wear the crocks instead? the considerate thief. ridiculous thief because the reason the boots were outside to begin with is the stench factor. stench-ola. festerville. what do you make of this?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

late night film shoot

on the doorstep of our crash pad, there was a huddle of a film crew saturday night. it will be an independent film about an urban robin hood. we got the heads up from the continuity girl who was perched on our neighbours steps before the shoot began. they also shot in the alleyway between this house and next door, as well as some of the lane ways in the hood.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

heaven meets earth

this week my laughing yoga teacher taught us this breathing exercise called heaven meets earth. sounds like pure poetry, doesn't it? well imagine it to the scent of steamed peonies...dreamy. we breathed and hummed in unison. we capped things off with a cup of white cloud tea of course. this week was surprizingly calm (despite a heavy work load) with the exception of hellish friday. my tuesday laughing meditation class lingered 2 days afterwards. friday, however, the xl gods were against us and a 25 minute quick fix ended up corrupting a file, the previous version i had saved did not include 8 hours of work. what a reminder to always save back ups! anyhow, the rework is thru, so the storm has passed. i met yet another one of my philosopher cabbies today -- his message today: always be happy. health is the most important thing. i left him a good tip for reminding me. ;)

mango + raspberry

it's officially popsicle season. my favourite flavours are mango and raspberry, they come individually wrapped and they are the definition of bliss. now all i need is a pair of flip flops and i'm set for summer.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

guilt tripin'

the theme of late is the remains of a Roman Catholic upbring: Guilt, with a capital G. those damn guilt muscles were exercised to the form of an olympic athlete. i remember this hellish math teacher from grade 7 who guilted me out for losing a test before my parents had a chance to sign it. she would not except a note in place of the signed test. even though i got an A on it. for weeks, she laid on the heat. and yet, who did i voluteer to help after school, who did i make breakfast for in home ec? hellish math teacher, of course. i had nightmares about this woman, i kid you not. guilt causes so much unnecessary stress and really if you do somthing because you were guilted into it, doesn't that undo the niceness of it in the first place? i say, down with guilt. life's too short. it is not like we will turn into karla holmolka if we don't have it in our lives. i'm going to set my guilt-dar to sensitive and fight the urges as hard as i can. anyone with comical stories of guilt wrecking havoc or advice on smashing it out of your life, please do tell.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

what's your kidnap word?

went to bookclub this week and laughed a howl when one of my fav members let it be known that "medieval times" was her kidnap word - meaning the word she'd use to let someone know she was in danger if you happened to call during a kidnapping or some other catastrophe where the bad guy is pointing a knife or gun at you. why? because she wouldn't be caught dead at medieval times, much less wearing peach! so in that way it is perfect because, she wouldn't ever suggest going to medieval times in a normal, rational state of mind. it's a code word for CALL 911 NOW! one of the other members pointed out that it might be hard to work that naturally into the conversation but you'd find a way, i'm sure. i'm trying to think of a good kidnap word myself because you never know when you'll need to use it. ;)

Monday, June 04, 2007

june bug

summer is beginning to sink into my bones. this weekend we toured the city in search of light spectacles as part of a festival called Luminato. (or should i say thinly veiled marketing opportunity er festival) we also read on a beach and at a marina, despite the overcast skiies and loom of rain. toured artsy spaces with friends on saturday. ate japanese food and fell in love with vegetables all over again. feels like the beginning of june is the start of summer goodness. definately feels like we need to hold on to it and savour it.