Sunday, May 13, 2007


you know that feeling, that relief...when a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders and you can breathe, and laugh and perspective is finally within reach. life isn't perfect, nor is it always kind but it feels good to let off some steam once in awhile. i feel grateful (or greatful) for all the gifts that have come my way, especially lately -- both the obvious ones and those in disguise. it's like some of the dots are connecting and my emotions are detoxing along with the rest of me. i am out of practice in this dept. what can i say? i am truly a collecting the moments, both sunny and cloudy and movin' on up. it feels brave at times, fiasco-like at others. i will be stronger from all the changes, and it feels good.

i am starting a one week liver cleanse tomorrow for health reasons. it's alot of vegetables, grains and apple juice. it won't be easy but i think it's long overdue. we'll see what happens, the end result is a bunch of stones full of salt and toxins -- toxins I've been carrying around inside my hard working liver my whole life. that's a metaphor I am sure. once you start seeing metaphors in life, they just keep coming and sometimes they are laugh out loud funny. like having constipation at your inlaws, sorry to be crass. that wasn't the case this weekend, but still -- it's an example. hope that made you chuckle. thanks for listening. bonus points to anyone brave enough to post a comment. i could use the support. that feeling that someone understands.


comrade said...

The mantra "FUCK IT" as i exhale works wonders for me. i completely know where you're coming from. detoxing won't be pretty :)

Zesty said...

Are you taking pictures of the stones?


Seriously dude, let us know how you get on. I've always wanted to try a cleanse like that and I think it will be very beneficial.

Hell, it's all I can do these days to go a whole week without drinking pop!